Reflection 4- Video Editting

2 October 2010
The deadline is drawing closer. Mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement can be felt in Anom's house....    We had a crash course from my TA today on how to make frames, add text, animation, photos, audio etc. Once we had these refresher tips, the bulk is on us. This meeting was one to finalise and consolidate all our parts into ULEAD Videostudio. Sounds ambitious but with carefully planned time and persistence, I think we can pull this through before 6 October. My only worry is how long is the time taken for the rendering of the frames to take place as we have so many frames to be included. Though we have deciphered and selected the most significant initiatives from 1997 to 2010 to upload, we still need relevant photos and a good you-tube to make it interesting and not just text and text.

To sum up this reflection, I feel that this group's assignment has put me in a new light. It has opened me to many channels of new learnings. Learning about the various MOE initiatives and its positive impact towards our pupils' education and its future curriculum, hands-on to a numerous IT platforms(blogging, MSN and video editting) and collaborating with coursemates have all been a good interesting energy for the development of me to be a better teacher and person. Back to my video editting! That will be my diet for the next few days. Cheerios to ALL!

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